Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)


Before School care: 7:00am – 8:30am – This service includes breakfast

After School care: 3:30pm – 6:00pm - This service includes afternoon tea

Pupil Free Days: This service will still operate for before and after school care at the usual hours. Please be aware that you would be required to make alternate arrangements for your child outside of these operating hours.

Booking / Enrolment Process

Enrolment forms are available at the office or via email by contacting the Service Coordinator – Danielle Milito Danielle.milito@education.vic.gov.au

Due to limited availability for this service, we cannot guarantee you will be successful in securing a booking.

We recommend discussing your enrolment requirements with Danielle a minimum of 48 hours before required dates to assist with us best being able to accommodate your needs.
Permanent positions will be given priority to available positions with some casual positions being available day to day.

All casual bookings are subject to coordinator approval depending on final numbers and staffing availability on the day.

Changes to bookings will need to be notified with at least 24 hours’ notice in order to avoid cancellation fees.

Notice for booking changes must occur as follows:

  • Notify OSHC via email or phone prior to 4pm, one day prior for booking changes.

Sanitising Requirements

In accordance with government guidelines all staff, children, parents and visitors are required to use the hand sanitiser upon entry to the service.

All staff and children are required to wash their hands and practice safe hygiene after using the bathroom, before and after eating, before and after any activities that require clean and sanitised hands.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Lakes Entrance Primary School Council OSHC has developed a CovidSafe Plan in accordance with government guidelines.

In the case of a COVID-19 lockdown, this service will continue to run but capacity may be reduced. Bookings throughout Covid-19 lockdown will be subject to DET guidelines and approvals.

Illness / Absences

If your child is unwell, we ask that you please do not send them to school or to OSHC.

If a student becomes unwell whilst in our care, parents will be notified immediately and student will need to be collected.

Please notify the school via phone or OSHC Family Portal at your earliest convenience if your child will be absent due to illness. This will allow for any necessary changes to staffing, invoicing or procedures as well as allowing us to make sure staff are informed and any procedures that need to be put into place can happen in a timely manner, to maintain the health and safety of all staff and students in the service.

Fees & Payments

Before School care: $20 per day, per student

After School care: $25 per day, per student

CCS is available through Centrelink, we advise families to contact Centrelink to apply for the available childcare subsidy.

CCS is calculated on your individual circumstances and income. This is not something that Lakes Entrance Primary School Council OSHC can manage, all changes to family circumstances must be notified through Centrelink.

Once approved, Centrelink will pay the agreed subsidy amount directly to the OSHC service and families will only be required to pay for the remaining amount. The OSHC Family Portal will allow you to see your CCS Payments and outstanding amount owing to LEPS Council OSHC service.

Our preferred method of payment is Direct Debit, this can be set up through our OSHC Family Portal. Other payment methods are also available to families if required. Payments will be due at the end of each fortnight.

Payment plans can also be arranged for families, if you require a payment plan please discuss this with our service Coordinator – Danielle.